Thursday, October 20, 2016

Your Input Requested: A New Sports Governance Professional Masters Degree at CU Boulder

At the University of Colorado Boulder and CU Athletics, we pride ourselves on our engagement with the broader community. As such, we’d like to solicit your thoughts on a cutting-edge Master’s degree program we have under development.

We are developing a highly exclusive, intellectually rigorous, 12-month professional Master’s degree, with the goal of preparing students for careers in sports governance. The proposed program aims to focus initially on four themes:

-International sports governance
-Paralympic sports governance

You can learn a bit more about our proposal by having a look at this one-pager in PDF.

If you have an interest in athletics performance, the rules, values, and institutions that govern sport, we invite your feedback. If you are interested in contributing to the development of the program, please use the comments here or email with your thoughts on the questions below.
  1. If you were to consider enrolling in a professional master’s degree program, would you consider enrolling in a 1-year professional Master’s degree program in athletics governance? What factors are important to you in making such a decision?
  2. What sorts of skills, knowledge and networking opportunities would you expect from such a program?
  3. Where do you envision future employment with such skills, knowledge and opportunities provided by such a program?
  4. Are you a:
    • Current student
    • Professional athlete
    • College athlete
    • Current professional
    • Other
Thank you.


The Athletics Governance proposal team
Sports Governance Center
CU Athletics
University of Colorado Boulder

1 comment:

  1. As a college athlete I think this would be a very interesting masters program, but my first question would be what jobs could come from a degree like this? It is definitely something I would have heavy interest, as well as most other athletes after playing sports for so many years of theirs lives. So many student athletes major in things that have nothing to do with their sport which almost always sets them back. Because while regular students can focus on their major and do extra activities along with their major, student athletes spend so much time investing in their sport.

    My biggest concern though as stated before would be what jobs would come from doing a masters in this field.