Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Curious Doping Case of Irish Sprinter Steven Colvert

In Newsweek I have an article about the doping conviction of Steven Covert, an elite Irish sprinter who specializes in the 200m. My article was motivated by a new paper just our in the journal Lab Times (PDF).

I'd encourage you to read both in full, but long story short: there are some significant questions raised about the substance and process of Colvert's doping conviction. Here is a report on the controversy in the Irish media.

This post is for anyone wanting to discuss the issues raised in Lab Times or my Newsweek article. Over the next weeks I will be following up here with a more in depth discussion of several elements of this case and its broader significance.

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  1. Well done Roger. Steven is one hundred percent innocent. It beggers belief how WADA, through poor testing procedures, can self appoint themselves as judge and jury. They should not be allowed to get away with destroying the sporting career of an innocent man. The sports council of Ireland have remained silent on the matter also. Maybe they are scared of what is coming down the line.