Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Treating or Cheating? The TUE Question

From Steve and Joel at The Outer Line ...

Recent fallout over the hacking of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s athlete medical data files has been far-reaching.  And a new question is coming to light: if the TUE database can be hacked, can the process of obtaining a TUE be hacked as well?

Cycling, like many other sports overseen by the WADA codes, allows athletes to receive TUEs from their respective national anti-doping organizations, but only after rigorous medical testing and diagnosis confirmation.  But TUEs not only affect the elite strata of the sport; they are also becoming a major factor in U.S. amateur racing.  Several Masters racers have recently been issued a special type of certificate called a Recreational Competitor TUE, and now many amateur racers are asking if competition in those categories will really be fair in the future.

In a new article, Treating, or Cheating? The TUE Question, the folks at The Outer Line explore the current TUE controversy, from the perspective of this recently instituted Recreational Competitor TUE, and what it may imply in broader terms for the future of the sport.


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