Monday, September 7, 2015

What Does a Merged CONCACAF & CONMEBOL Look Like?

The ongoing FIFA scandal has centered on two of FIFA's 6 confederations, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. That is not to say that the other four have corruption-free records, only that the North, Central and South American confederations (yes, the Caribbean is in there too) are the ones most likely to use the US banking system, and thus expose themselves to the Feds.

In this short post, I ask a simple question. Letting imaginations run wild, what if CONCACAF and CONMEBOL were just razed to the ground, and a new confederation integrating both were to be created from the rubble?

Here is how FIFA's confederations look today (or according to most recent data from the UN):
You can see that there are huge disparities in number of members, economic size and population. This unevenness does not set itself up for effective governance.

What would it look like if CONMEBOL and CONCACAF were merged into a new "Football Confederation of the Americas or FCA)? (And I'll add OFC to the AFC, just for fun too). Here is that answer:
There would be much greater balance in membership among confederations as well as in economic size or population. FIFA could, for instance, set required criteria for a "confederation" to have either a combined population of 1 billion or combined economic size of >$20 trillion (2015 US$ at market exchange rates). Or it could be something else fairly objective.

This little thought experiment suggests that while the corruption scandal makes the idea of demolishing CONCACAF and CONMEBOL appealing, there might be other reasons why it makes sense.

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  1. Thanks to @bambam1729 (Bill Mallon) for spotting an error (& sorry OFC ;-) ... now fixed.