Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A C+ for Scala's Eight Point Plan for FIFA

FIFA's Domenico Scala, Chairman of the FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee, has released an Eight Point Plan for reforming the organization (here in PDF).  Here are the eight points:
  • enhanced and centralized integrity checks
  • introduction of term limits
  • direct election of FIFA Executive Committee members by the Congress
  • disclosure of individual compensations
  • increased efficiency and enhanced independence of Standing Committees
  • introduction of higher standards of governance at Confederation and member association levels
  • revised World Cup bidding rules and procedures
  • improvements regarding FIFA's organization and structure
Overall, the plan merits a grade of C+. You can see my marks on the scorecard at the top of this post. For FIFA, any passing grade in reform efforts is to be applauded. 

The plan is missing some key things recommended by others, such as Transparency International, like non-executive directors. Other issues, like the notion of "independent/autonomous bodies," are somewhat muddled.

Even so, the proposals are much closer to best practices than those proposed by FIFA's IGC. That probably means that the plan has no chance to be implemented. However, it is a valuable addition to the growing calls for wholesale reform, and it comes from inside FIFA, which is significant.


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