Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FIFA's Dirty Laudry

Mohamed bin Hammam writes a letter to Petrus Damaseb, the Deputy Chairman of the FIFA Ethics committee.  Here is an excerpt:
Nobody in this world will believe that Valcke and Blatter are qualified to fight any sort of corruption. If they are serious about fighting corruption, they should have the courage to volunteer themselves as first subjects of such investigations on the allegations raised against them since years until today...

Your Honor, remember that you yourself were a President of a Member Association in 2002. You voted for Blatter against Mr. Hayatou the candidate of your confederation and Blatter was widely accused of winning that election by buying votes. In fact, books have been written about his corruption. What will be your position if his opponent had won the election, and started a similar witch-hunt questioning and pressurising you with threat of sanctions if you do not admit that you were bribed for voting Blatter.

Your Honor, if your conscience is on vacation, it is time to recall it because enough is really enough!! You should stop Valcke – Blatter damaging people’s reputation and lives. Those people have children and families. Just think what kind of crime you are committing.


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