Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sepp Blatter's Snap Election

So let me air this theory. Sepp Blatter has no intention of stepping down As a masterful politician, he has called a snap election. Politicians do not call snap elections in order to retire. What is a "snap election"? Here is Wikipedia:
Generally it refers to an election in a parliamentary system called when not required (either by law or convention), usually to capitalize on a unique electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue. It differs from a recall election in that it is initiated by politicians (usually the head of government or ruling party) rather than voters, and from a special election in that the winners will serve an entire term as opposed to the remainder of an already established term.
Blatter says he want to serve until the election and during that time implement a broad reform agenda. What better opportunity to show that he, and he alone, is the man to take FIFA forward in the 2016 FIFA presidential election? After all, all this attention on FIFA can't sustain, and a veneer of reforms might just reduce the heat.

Sepp Blatter isn't gone, far from it. He has said he will not run, but, hey, he has said that before. No, yesterday he has just bought some time to figure out how to improve upon the 133 votes he got last week.

A crazy theory? Maybe. But then again, it's FIFA.


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