Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jack Warner on President Obama's "Bribe"

Jack Warner has compared his visit to the White House with the various other perks (called "bribes" as part of a RICO by the US Government) he received as a top FIFA official.

AFP reports:
Warner called the United States two-faced, since he and Blatter had once been welcomed to the White House by President Barack Obama.

"Was the president of the United States seeking a strong lobby from a FIFA vice president or was he 'bribing' a FIFA official with a visit and a meal to the White House? I think not," Warner said.

"In each case, the answer is no, but it just goes to show how selective this 'bribe' issue can be," he added.
There is a different in law between legitimate and illegal efforts to win influence. That this escapes Warner speaks to how ingrained favors-for-influence are as part of the FIFA culture.

At the same time, Warner does have a point, which is awkward for the White House and for US Soccer.


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