Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How Much Were FIFA's IGC Members Paid 2012-2013? More than $80,000 Each

According to audit reports by Pricewatehousecoopers made available on the website of the Basel Institute of Governance, the members of the so-called "independent" reform committe of FIFA each received more than $80,000 each in compensation from FIFA during 2012-2013.

So much for independence.

The audit reports are available for 2012 (PDF) and 2013 (PDF) detail a total of 745,000 Swiss francs paid to 10 members of the Independent Governance Committee. One member of the committee Alexandra Wrage (the 11th) refused to accept the payments. All others, including Sunil Gulati, the head of US Soccer and currently a member of FIFA's Executive Committee, apparently accepted the payments. Gulati receives an additional (as reported) $300,000 per year as a member of FIFA's ExCo.

The 745,000 Swiss francs coverts to about $819,000 (using a $1.10 to 1 Swiss franc conversion), which is almost $82,000 for each of the ten IGC members who received compensation. FIFA also speant about $300,000 in travel and hotel expenses for the committee over the two years, or aboput $30,000 per member (Wrage also turned down the travel reimbursements).

While it is entirely appropriate to expect experts to be compensated for their time, there is a deeply problematic conflict of interest in having the organization being evaluated paying substantial fees to the experts doing the evaluation.

I have critiqued the FIFA reform process (here in PDF) and found it wanting. The financial arrnagements between FIFA and its "independent" evaluators may be one explanation for the lack of courage among its IGC members.


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