Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A FIFA Document Library (Work in Progess)

I thought it might be useful to collect various documents related to the ongoing FIFA scandal in one place. If you would like to suggest an addition, please do so in the comments or via Twitter.
  • FIFA Russia 2018 Bid Report (2011, PDF)
  • FIFA Qatar 2022 Bid Report (2011, PDF)
  • Governing FIFA, by Mark Pieth, commissioned by FIFA (March 2011, PDF)
  • Safe Hands, Transparency International (2011, PDF)
  • The Sunday Times submission to the UK Parlimentary Inquiry (May 2011, PDF)
  • First FIFA IGC Report (March 2012, PDF)
  • Mohammed bin Hammam CAS Arbital Award (July 2012, PDF
  • FIFA ISL Report (April 2013, PDF)
  • The CONCACAF Integrity Report (April 2013, PDF, press release
  • Chuck Blazer testimony (November 2013, PDF)
  • Second (Final) FIFA IGC Report (April, 2014, PDF)
  • FIFA Summary of the Garcia Report (November 2014, PDF)
    • Cover Letter (PDF)
  • Resiognation statement of Michael Garcia (December 2014, PDF)
  • 18 Senators Letter to Sepp Blatter re: Russia 2018 (March 2015, PDF)
  • Senators Menendez & McCain letter to FIFA re: Russia 2018 (May 2015, PDF)
  • US DOJ Indictment of Jeffrey Webb et al. (May 2015, PDF)
    • Press release (PDF)
  • Statement of Sepp Blatter (June 2015, PDF)
  • Various FIFA IGC Documents (Basel Institute of Governance)
  • Various DOJ-related documents (FIFA indictment blog)
  • 2015 FIFA Statutes (PDF)
In the next iteration I plan to add a bibliography of analyses and essential media coverage. Suggestions welcomed.


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