Monday, August 29, 2011

Declan Hill's Ten Commandments for Anti-Corruption

Declan Hill offers "ten commandments of anti-corruption" and they are summarized below in abbreviated form (see his blog for more detail):
The Ten Commandments

1) Thou shall have an anti-corruption hotline

2) Thou shall have a security department for the league

3) Thou shall make sure the players and referees get paid well and on-time

4) Thou shall make it obligatory to report attempted match-corruption

5) Thou shall issue genuine lifetime bans for corruption

6) Thou shall implement an effective education program for players and referees

7) Thou shall put into place an effective anti-addiction program

8 Thou shall have proper educational or medical benefits for players and referees

9) Thou shall oblige sports gambling companies, if they want to bet on the games in your league, to share accurate information about the odds movements and bettors who are betting on the games.

10) Finally, you would like to know how can all these reforms can be financed? Again, this is very easy. The legal sports gambling industry is enormous. The market is worth tens of billions of dollars. If Bwin, Betfair, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet365, members of the World Lottery Association and other legal gambling companies want to offer bets on sports – then they must pay to make sure that sport is clean. I am not talking about a large share of their profits. I propose a figure of one-percent of their total gross revenue to finance integrity reforms, but one-percent of billions is a lot of money to protect sports. 
Hill writes, "if a sports association does not put into place at least four of these reforms then, please, do not believe them when they make their solemn declarations of wanting to clean up their sport."


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