Monday, February 15, 2016

Goucher on Salazar: "Justice Will Come"

The video above shows an interview with Kara Goucher after she finished 4th in the US Olympic marathon trials over the weekend. In it she discusses the on-going investigation of the Nike Project by USADA.

ESPN did a story on the interview today, and here is an excerpt:
Kara Goucher, who fell one spot shy of making the U.S. Olympic marathon team in Saturday's trials, said "justice will come" out of an ongoing U.S. Anti-Doping Agency investigation of her former coach Alberto Salazar and his Nike Oregon Project group.

Goucher, a 2012 Olympian in the marathon and a two-time world bronze medalist on the track, and her husband, Adam, a former distance runner, were the most high-profile named sources in a 2015 investigation by ProPublica and BBC that alleged Salazar flouted and manipulated anti-doping regulations. Salazar issued a 12,000-word open letter in response, denying any wrongdoing.

After Saturday's race, in an interview by reporters that was filmed by, Goucher calmly said, "I've done all I can do at this point. I believe in Travis [Tygart, head of USADA]. I don't wish them ill will. The first time I went to USADA I said, 'All I want them to do is stop doing what they're doing.'"
The story is worth a read and the video is worth a look see. Watch this space.


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