Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Sports Governance Research from Europe

Jens Sejer Andersen AGGIS Interview from Play the Game on Vimeo.

Last week in Brussels, several institutions from across Europe held a seminar on the results of an EU-funded project titled "Action for Good Governance in International Sports Organisations (AGGIS)."

One of the tools developed by the project is called the Sports Governance Observer, which is a tool to allow for the systematic evaluation of the governance of sports organization -- a report card of sorts.

Above, Jen Sejer Andersen of Play the Game, discusses the AGGIS project and the new tool, which is to be released at the Play the Game conference in October. The presentations from the Brussels seminar can be found here. The final report of the AGGIS project, which is full of valuable data, history and analysis can be found here in PDF.

Here is another short interview with an AGGIS researcher, Barrie Houlihan of Longhborough University, see the AGGIS website for more interviews with researchers:

Barrie Houlihan AGGIS Interview from Play the Game on Vimeo.


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