Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alexandra Wrage Explains Resignation from FIFA IGC

If you are interested in FIFA governance and (non)reform, then you should listen to the outstanding interview with Alexandra Wrage conducted by Richard McGovern (@RichardMcGovern) available here (from 52:44-1:11:41).

Wrage also has written a hard-hitting blog post at Forbes, which starts like this:
When FIFA’s leaders could no longer ignore the spate of scandals ranging from World Cup hosting decisions to irregularities in its internal elections, they announced a new “reform initiative”.   The initiative was declared an effort to restore public confidence in the organization, but has done little more than polish the veneer on an outdated men’s club.   The inaptly named Independent Governance Committee was originally comprised of a cross-section of stakeholders, including two people who have since been elevated to FIFA’s Executive Committee, as well as governance professionals.  The process has been expensive and time-consuming, but little has really changed back at FIFA’s headquarters in Zurich.
Read the rest here.


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