Monday, April 22, 2013

My Questions for Sunil Gulati

Here are the immediate questions that I would like to ask Sunil Gulati upon his election to the FIFA Executive Committee:

You are assuming a role as a member of FIFA's Executive Committee, and are presently a member of the FIFA IGC.

a. Will you be resigning from the IGC? Why or why not?
b. As one who has signed on to the recommendations of the IGC for FIFA officials, will you voluntarily adhere to those recommendations even if they are not adopted as formal policies by FIFA?

Specifically, I am referring to the following provisions recommended by the IGC as "indispensable":
  • That the President and all Members of the ExCo as well as the standing Committees of FIFA undergo an integrity check performed by an independent body within FIFA centrally prior to their (re-) election.
  • Both, the President and the Members of ExCo should be subjected to limited terms of office.
  • The IGC would like to stress the importance of transparency in the area of compensation and benefits. [NOTE: In this case as related to all compensation with respect your roles with CONCACAF and FIFA]
Of course, with respect to each I would like to know why or why not.


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