Thursday, December 8, 2011

On Second Thought

Mark Pieth, the University of Basel professor hired by FIFA to lead its "good governance" committee, has changed his mind following Transparency International's break-up with FIFA:
The anti-corruption expert FIFA appointed to advise Sepp Blatter on cleaning up world soccer’s governing body says he will address previous allegations of wrongdoing.

Responding to attacks on his integrity, Mark Pieth says looking at FIFA’s past is “necessary” to understand the “risk scenarios.”

The Basel University professor says his Independent Governance Committee has “absolutely no objection to an investigation."
What might this mean?
Mark Pieth, told Associated Press that he will focus on FIFA;s past as well as its future. Mr. Pieth said he has “absolutely no objection to an investigation” and would soon interview investigative journalists who are “experts on FIFA’s past.” Mr. Pieth is believed to have been referring to muckracking reporters Andrew Jennings and Jens Weinreich, who have long documented allegations of corruption in FIFA and were this year awarded for their reporting by Play the Game, a group that advocates transparency in sports. Both men have been banned by FIFA.
One observer goes so far as to suggest that the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid is now subject to investigation. The problem with looking into the past is that it may take you to unexpected and uncomfortable places.


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