Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cost of a Loss

Both Manchester United and Manchester City failed to reach the group stage of the Champions League.  Stefan Szymanski estimates the hit to the Man U revenue at more than $50 million, while AndersRed comes in at about half that amount (presumably Man City's loss is in the neighborhood as well).  Either way it is a chunk of change. 

Szymanski has a solution:
But maybe there are more creative ways around this. How about “the Manchester Masters”- a series of seven games played to determine bragging rights in Greater Manchester? That would fill in all those empty midweek slots in 2012.


  1. Have you seen what happened in Group D? Ajax had two clear goals disallowed against Real Madrid, while Lyon scored seven goals against Zagreb within half an hour. Result: Lyon proceed to the next round at the expense of Ajax. UEFA started an investigation but this is unlikely to uncover anything.

  2. Richard-


    I don't know that I trust UEFA to investigate. At least, I am unclear on what that means.

  3. Move along, nothing to see here: