Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Using Sport to Teach Statistics

The NYT has a neat article on college professors who use sport as a basis for teaching statistics.  here is an excerpt:
While traditional what-if situations involving dice rolls and poker hands remain a staple, sports offers dozens of real-life games every day that generate scads of data begging to be examined. Flipping a coin twice is a mundane thought experiment; having Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns attempt two free throws with a game on the line is like watching ESPN in the classroom.
One student says:
“It’s a major reason I’m here in the class at all,” said Micah Barbour, a freshman planning to major in political science. “I love sports and sports is all about statistics. I’ve never had an opportunity where a class can take something and make it so real-life. It’s cool to finally have fun in math.”
I may have to develop such a class myself!

You can take a quiz to test your statistical knowledge here.


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