Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FIFA to Investigate Makudi

FIFA has announced that it will open an investigation of Worawi Makudi, chairman of the Football Association of Thailand (I first discussed Makudi here).  From the BBC:
FiFifa says Thai football boss Worawi Makudi will face a formal investigation by its ethics committee unless he provides proof by 1 December he did not misuse $860,000 (£535,000) of football development funding.

Thailand FA president and Fifa executive committee member Makudi is accused of using money for football projects on land that he personally owns, an allegation he denies. . .

Makudi would be the sixth senior Fifa executive to face an ethics hearing since October 2010 if he is unable to provide Fifa with the information it has demanded. It is understood he would face charges in connection with a possible breach of section five of the organisation's code of ethics.
Section Five is the slim part on "conflicts of interest" that I highlighted earlier this week, and it is presently getting quite a workout. At what point does FIFA need to take action with respect to its Executive Committee?

With six members facing formal investigations and numerous others accused of corruption, does the Committee loose its legitimacy at some point?  Has it already? Can it oversee Seep Blatter's reform process? I suppose that we shall soon learn the answers to the questions, simply as a practical matter.


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