Monday, June 6, 2016

A 100-Day Report Card on FIFA President Gianni Infantino

At Sporting Intelligence, James Corbett provides a summary "report card" on how Gianni Infantino has done in his first 100 days as president of FIFA, based on his election promises.  Corbett explains:
In February, when he launched his FIFA presidential campaign at London’s Wembley Stadium, Gianni Infantino practically invited scrutiny on this so-called landmark – which falls this Sunday (5 June) – following 18 years of Blatter, when he unveiled 11 pledges that would be achieved in his first 90 days.

Unlike a proper government – on which FIFA under Blatter sometimes fashioned itself – a sports governing body should be nimbler and more capable of exacting meaningful change in a shorter timeframe. Indeed wide ranging governance reforms were passed shortly before the vote on the new leader.

But notwithstanding those reforms, what has really changed in football’s world governing body? Frankly very little. 
Here is the full report card from Corbett:
Infantino is not done making promises. Here is what he says this week about his salary:
I will gladly reveal all the details of it to you, and you will see that it will be lass than the two million Swiss francs that the press has been talking about.
Whatever the salary winds up being, you can be sure that the press will be talking about it, and remembering this pledge. Stay tuned.


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