Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Verbruggen Files an IOC Ethics Complaint Against WADA and USADA

Hein Verbruggen, the former head of the UCI which oversees cycling, has filed an ethics complaint against WADA and USADA. He specifically names Dick Pound and David Howman at WADA and Travis Tygart and Bill Bock at USADA.

The basis for Verbruggen's complaint is found here, and he highlights Pound's continued claims that he helped to cover up Lance Armstrong's doping as a motivation for his complaint.  Verbruggen writes: "I would also like other people’s misdeeds to be judged objectively. It is for this reason that I have lodged a complaint against Pound, Howman, Tygart and Bock with the Ethics Commission of the IOC, a body that I trust to remain fully objective!"

However, the most serious charge appears to be this one against WADA and USADA:
Verbruggen says of WADA and USADA: " In short, their political agenda was more important to them than the fight against doping itself– and as a result the real fight against doping was abused for their political purposes."

Will this complaint go anywhere or have any significance? It is hard to tell, though the accusations levied by Verbruggen against WADA and USADA are pretty serious. We shall see what happens with the IOC..


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