Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Research Question: Media Attention to Sports?

I have stumped some of my colleagues who study the media, so I am enlisted the help of the crowd. For my new book, I'd like to report on how much attention (in absolute or relative measures) that the media place on sports.

By "the media" I am referring to online, print, TV, etc. I welcome US-focused data or international. I have come across a 2001 paper from Northwestern University looking at print newspapers. But that was before the big changes in the journalism landscape occurred.

Any pointers or suggestions most welcomed! (email rpielkejr at gmail or comments below).



  1. Lots of good replies, thanks. This via Twitter, not so useful for this purpose, by way cool:

  2. Hi Roger,

    I'm guessing that you are after quantitative data, but I thought I'd throw an issue your way - that of anti-siphoning laws. With these laws peole have taken free-to-air access to major sports as a right, and one that I think may have been used to encourage a self-conception of Australia as a particularly sporting nation.