Thursday, December 18, 2014

FIFA 2010 ExCo Scorecard (Updated)

UPDATED 28 Dec 2014

Above is a scorecard I just made up showing the status of the 2010 FIFA Executive Committee. These are the individuals who selected Russia for the 2018 World Cup and Qatar for 2022.

Some summary stats:
  • Of the 24 members 5 have been suspended or banned by FIFA (in red);
  • 13 others have been accused of corruption of one sort or another (in yellow);
  • 9 of those 13 are current members of the FIFA ExCo;
  • Only 6 of the original 24 (in white) do not face allegations (though some might disagree);
  • Only 3 of these 6 are still on the ExCo, including FIFA President Sepp Blatter.
This is a work in progress, so comments welcomed.


  1. Roger,
    Nice work! A question: did Ricardo Texeira not vote for the 2018/22 hosts? He too was under investigation, until he resigned due to the ISL scandal (also the reason for Leoz's resignation, though he cited ill-health).

  2. Jsh- Yes! Good catch ... I'll update and repost shortly. Thanks for the eagle eyes, much appreciated.