Sunday, September 16, 2012

EASM 2012

Just a quick heads up that I'll be blogging here and tweeting (@RogerPielkeJr) from the European Association for Sport Management 2012 Conference in Aalborg, Denmark.

You can see the program and abstract book here. I am participating in a session on Wednesday, organized by Play the Game (details here in PDF) titled, "Corruption and match-fixing: Can reforms work?"  I will present some lessons from broader experience in and research on policy implementation and evaluation, and how that might shine some light on implementation/evaluation challenges in sport governance. Right now my talk includes discussion of goal-line technology, doping, match fixing and good governance standards in sport organizations.

My talk will be among the least interesting events of the week, I am sure. More importantly, I am looking forward to learning a lot at EASM 2012. I'll do my best to report from the conference what I find most interesting and enlightening. 


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