Thursday, July 19, 2012

FIFA Executive Committee: Exactly What Changed?

A Guest Post by Davin Larkin of @ChangeFIFA

"The new-look ethics panel was of the main recommendations of Pieth's committee, ...Pieth's report slammed the FIFA ethics committee's handling of a spate of bribery allegations that engulfed over a third of the Ex-Co and led to a lifetime ban for Mohamed Bin Hammam in the biggest crisis to hit FIFA in its 108-year history. The Independent Governance Committee said FIFA's management of the corruption was "insufficient to meet the challenges of a major global sport governing body. This has led to unsatisfactory reactions to persistent allegations."In particular, the IGC has identified a lack of proactive and systematic investigation of allegations. In some instances, allegations were insufficiently investigated and where sanctions were imposed, they are at times insufficient and clearly unconvincing." - Mark Bisson
So the old Ethics Committee was terrible, but exactly who is new? 

Key: ((N)) = New

Appointment of the following persons as members of the investigatory chamber of the Ethics Committee until the 63rd FIFA Congress 2013: 
  • ((N))Chairman: Michael J Garcia 
  • Mr Robert Torres (Guam) 
  • Mr Les Murray (Australia) 
  • ((N))Mr Ronald Jones (Barbados) 
  • Mr Jorge Iván Palacio (Colombia) 
  • Mr Noël Le Graët (France) 
  • Mr Ahmed Ould Abderrahmane (Mauritania) 
= 2 New of 7

Appointment of the following persons as members of the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee until the 63rd FIFA Congress 2013:
  • ((N)) Chairman: Hans-Joachim Eckert
  • Mr Petrus Damaseb (Namibia)
  • Mr Juan Pedro Damiani (Uruguay)
  • Mr Burton K. Haimes (USA)
  • Mr Abdoulaye Mokhtar Diop (Senegal)
  • Mr Jack Kariko (Papua New Guinea)
  • Mr Yngve Hallén (Norway)
  • Mrs Thi My Dung Nguyen (Vietnam)
= 1 New of 8

COMPARE: Ethics Committees

OLD...14 people
NEW...12 same people...3 new people
CONCLUSION: Almost nothing has changed.


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