Monday, May 14, 2012

EPL Prediction Contest Results

Well that was an exciting Sunday, wasn't it?

The results are in for the Least Thing EPL prediction contest and there are congratulations to share.

1. To n-g for a second title in a row, eking out the slenderest of victories over Max (who would have had <14 with an accurate Chelsea prediction;-).
2. To Max for winning the collective EPL and Bundesliga title, very nice.
3. To keeperusa, who wins a copy of The Climate Fix (as the other two already have copies), please email me to arrange.

Collectively, the competitors did best on ManU and worst on Swansea (most were 9 places off, accoiunting for almost 40% the total prediction errors in the entire pool. A more accurate Swansea pick alone would have been enough to move anyone into first place in the competition.

Most everyone demonstrated skill over the naive metric, I'll have to devise a more rigorous test in the future.

Here is the final table:

n-g 17.4
Max 17.7
keeperusa 19.6
Arthur 19.7
Elijah 19.9
f.a.e 21.8
itzik 22.5
Roger 22.6
SKILL 22.8
CNY Roger 25.2
Unknown 25.9

Readership is up by about a factor of 10 since this contest started, so I hope we'll have a larger pool of entries in a few months for 2012/2013. Meantime, stay tuned for possible prediction competitions for Euro 2012 and the Olympics.

Thanks to all for participating!


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