Friday, March 23, 2012

FIFA Keeps Governance Committee in the Dark

This is really remarkable. According to the Associated Press, FIFA will not even let its own committee chair investigating corruption have a look at the ISL dossier which Sepp Blatter has repeatedly promised to make public.  A Swiss court denied release of the documents today based on ongoing legal action to keep them secret.  
FIFA's anti-corruption adviser has called for swift publication of a Swiss court document revealing which football officials took millions of dollars from marketing agency ISL as kickbacks from World Cup broadcasting deals.

Mark Pieth tells the Associated Press that FIFA and its president Sepp Blatter cited legal reasons for "repeatedly'' denying his requests to see the document.
FIFA's refusal to share the ISL dossier with Pieth is not the sort of thing that adds to the credibility of his committee's efforts, and makes both FIFA and Pieth look like they are participating in a sham effort.  Perhaps Pieth might rethink the need to meet with Andrew Jennings;-)


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