Monday, January 9, 2012

FC Sion Docked 36 Points by Swiss FA

In the latest turn of events related to FC Sion's row with FIFA, the Swiss FA has capitulated to FIFA's threat to sanction the national association if it did not penalize the rogue club. The Swiss FA has levied a 36 point penalty -- 3 points for every game in which the disputed players participated in -- effectively relegating the club for next season.

While the Swiss FA implemented only part of FIFA's demands, FIFA was quick to accept the punishment and declare the matter closed.  For its part, FC Sion have filed criminal charges against FIFA (for extortion) and the club's supporters (pictured above) are none too happy about the turn of events.

It is hard to keep track of FC Sion's various legal maneuvers in civil courts, at the CAS and now in criminal courts. I'd guess that their wage bill for lawyers might exceed that of their players.


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