Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Salary of Travis Tygart, USADA

In doing some research I came across the 2010 IRS 990 Form for US Anti-Doping Agency. In it I was surprised to learn that its head, Travis Tygart received $335,000 in salary and benefits in 2010 (p. 36, here in PDF).

Tygart's salary is of note because USADA is a quasi-public non-governmental body which is almost entirely funded by the US taxpayer. For comparison, the Secretary of Defense (along with other members of the cabinet) is payed $199,700 per year. The state of New York has recently proposed capping the annual salary of non-profit CEOs that rely primarily on public funds at $199,000.

Is Tygart's salary too high? Too low? I'm not sure, but given USADA's reliance on public funds, it does invite scrutiny. More on that coming soon.


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