Saturday, July 30, 2016

Final Russians at Rio Table

Above is my final tabulation of Russian athletes participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Here is a summary:

  • 276 total athletes approved (or 277 if one golfer is allowed, seems likely);
  • 112 athletes banned but most outside track & field and weightlifting have been replaced;
  • 25 of 27 federations participating;
  • Weightlifting and Athletics are banned (note: Athletics has 1 athlete, but I am calling it a ban);
The Russia Olympic delegation is reportedly the smallest since 1912. It is 160 athletes less than at London 2012, with most of that due to Athletics (-103), Basketball (-30, DNQ), Weightlifting (-10), Swimming (-6).

Bottom line: After all of the confusion and drama, Russia still has most of its athletes participating in almost all sports. Track and field and weightlifting are the notable exceptions. For TV viewers around the world - outside Russia of course - the Olympics will look much like they always have and the Russian doping episode will be a footnote.


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