Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stuff I've Written Elsewhere

This post will be periodically updated as a running list of commentary, articles etc. that I've published elsewhere.

12 January 2014, Law in SportUS immigration policy negatively impacts US Soccer

28 October 2013, Play the Game, A Deeper Look at FIFA's Reform Scorecard

19 June 2013, Play the Game, A Report Card on FIFA Reform

6 June 2013, The Guardian, How Innovations Such as Goal-Line Technology Make Sport Better,

3 June 2013, Play the Game,  Which Way for Sunil Gulation the FIFA ExCo?

29 January 2013,The Breakthrough Institute, On Lance Armstrong: Why Sports Need Stronger Institutions.

15 January 2013, How can FIFA be Held Accountable? Sport Management Review (PDF).

17 Sept 2012, The Breakthrough Institute, The Politics of Prediction: A Review of Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise (Penguin, 2012).

July 2012, OST: Bridges, Science, Sex and the Olympics

10 June 2012, Boulder Daily Camera, We need more transparency in college athletics

3 May 2012, Financial Times, Action on Governance Gathers Pace

22 March 2012, Freakonomics Blog, False Positive Science: Why We Can't Predict the Future

3 March 2012, Boulder Daily Camera, The enduring importance of higher education

24 November 2011, New York Times Room for Debate, Competing for TV Contracts

26 September 2011, Transparency International's Space for TransparencyWhat are the Prospects for FIFA Reform? and also posted at Play The Game, 29 September 2011

7 August 2011, New York Times, Klinsmann Will Find There are No Points for Style

24 July 2011, Boulder Daily Camera, Pay-for-play in college athletics

20 July 2011, New York Times Room for Debate, Holding the agency accountable

1 June 2011, Financial Times, England shows the way for members to tackle FIFA crisis


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